Indigenous leaders present plan to gov’t for Suriname’s largest official protected area


0313-2-suriname The Southern Suriname Conservation Corridor came one step closer to fruition when indigenous leaders present members of Suriname’s parliament with a declaration on March 5. “They’ve been protecting it, and what we now have is a clarified vision of how we can help them to improve its protection,” said John Goedschalk, executive director of Conservation International (CI) Suriname, in a conversation with “This to me is more legitimate than some minister signing a paper somewhere and then saying, ‘All right, now it’s protected.’” Building on the success of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, international organizations including CI and WWF worked to support the vision of the forest-dwelling Trio and Wayana communities to map the 7.2 million-hectare preserve – an area larger than Ireland and home to nearly 1,400 species of plants and animals – and layout strategies to fund and ensure the success the initiative. Read Full Story